Why Slot Machines Can Be Fun?

I just don’t get the idea why some people do not like the idea of playing slot machines. Slot machine players are often mocked because of playing such a game where there’s a high house edge. They even defend that a slot machines, which is purely a game of chance is such a waste of time to play. They would prefer to play poker, blackjack and some other card games. Also find here the latest slot casino sites to play online slot games.

What is wrong with playing slot machines? Playing slot machine is just like playing any other games where the house is sure to win. Here are some reasons why I am defending that slot machines can be fun and entertaining too.

1. Simplicity Playing the game is really simple. Unlike playing other games where you ransack your brain with some technique and strategies to win, all you need to do in slots is to spin the reel and wish you get lucky. If not? Spin the reels again. That easy!

2. Variety slots, you won’t be bored of playing the same game over and over again because there are various types of slots. With slots, you can play video slots, classic slots, 1 line, 30-line, 5-line, progressive jackpots, bonus games and many others ├▒ there’s really a wide variety to choose from. What more? You can even leave one machine then go to the next slot machine with no problems at all. No strategies and rules needed. Just choose a machine, sit down and spin.

3. No Minimum Bet Other games in casinos requires at least a minimum bet. However, in slot machines, you can bet any amount you want. It caters to players with different bankrolls.

4. Progressive Jackpots Although some games have progressive jackpots, it is nothing compared to slots. Almost all slot machines have progressive jackpots to the point that you will have a hard time looking for one that does not have progressive jackpots.

5. Life Changing See No. 4. In playing slots, you can play like the way you used and sometimes you will just see yourself $200 richer.

6. Safer Sometimes when you play card games like blackjack or poker, you may find yourself an enemy. Heated arguments and discussions over a casino table can lead to some dangers. On the other hand, when playing slots, the next player will not care even of you accidentally pressed the nudge button.

7. The game is really relaxing. You can sit and spin at the same time. You can even watch boxing on a big screen or chat with a friend.

8. Rewarding Playing slots ensures great rewards. Try playing slots and compare the comps when you play blackjack. You will see that slot players have the best comps compared to any other casino players.

9. Quick Aside from being simple and easy, slots are really quick to play. There’s no need for you to wait for a dealer or for the wheel to spin. You just need to spin and spin the way you want it and when you are done, you can get up and leave.

10. Fun It really is. The game is bright with colorful pictures and cool icons. It is noisy with flashing lights. It is exciting at the same time when you watch the bars line up one by one.

These are the top ten reasons why I choose to defend playing slot machines. So next time you are in a casino, do not make some snide remarks about slot players ├▒ better sit down and join them.

You just don’t know. You might enjoy it!

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